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Senegalese Street Food

Senegalese Street Food!

In the Capital of Senegal, Dakar is a large and busy city where  one will find many street vendors selling tasty and affordable street food. Because Senegal is still a developing nation, street vending is a very competitive business and the vendors have to make less expensive and very tasty food to be successful. Most Senegalese street food is very high in carbs, with some protein, and very little, if any produce. Although Senegal grows some produce, a lot of the fruits and vegetables found on the streets of Dakar are imported from other areas or countries, and fairly expensive for locals. In fact, produce in and around Dakar is about the same price that one would pay for produce in the United States. Senegalese street food is highly seasoned, well prepared, and very tasty! Most street food is served on newspapers. Some of the most common Senegalese street foods are pan roasted peanuts, grilled chicken or lamb served with a side of mayonnaise and mustard, a baguette served usually with boiled or fried eggs or even a high carb filling such as pasta or beans, a few sweet fried beignets (miniature donuts) or fataya (empanada like fried savory pastries) stuffed with a ground fish and herb mixture and served with a spicy tomato based sauce. Chef David Diop grew up enjoying Senegalese street food and after graduating culinary school, he developed an elevated and sophisticated version of the classic street dishes of his home country to share with Coloradans! Now, everyone in and around the Denver Metro area can get a taste of Senegalese street food from the Pikine Grill Food Truck, right here in beautiful Colorado!