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Senegalese Food


To know Senegal is to understand how the food and culture bring joy to families! At the heart of Senegalese culture is the food. Senegalese West African dishes. Senegalese families eat together, mostly out o the same dish, and enjoy lively conversations about family matters, politics, and just about everything else. Meals involve lots of great conversation and laughter, often times go well into the late evening. No person visiting a Senegalese home would leave without being served a wonderful meal cooked with love. The Senegelese National Dish Thieboudienne (pronounced Che Bu Jen) is a delicious meal of herb stuffed fried fish, steamed with rice, cabbage, and seasonal root vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, turnips, and hibiscus flower. Visitors to Senegalese homes are often offered Thieboudienne or another rice dish. If you find yourself in Senegal or in the home of Senegalese native, expect to eat well, laugh often, and have a lot fun!